About the courses

E-norskSKOLE offers online Norwegian courses (in English OR POLISH) for foreigners. Every course is tailored to PERSONAL REQUIREMENTS.

  Learn without leaving home – online classes

At e-norskskole all classes are online. You don’t have to waste time on getting to the school and you can take the classes comfortably from any place you want. All you need is access to the Internet.

  Individual classes or courses in small groups

E-norskskole offers individual classes where the teacher gives you 100 % of his/her attention or courses in small groups. This makes it easy to adjust the pace and the study program to the students’ expectations and needs.

   You don’t have to buy any extra study materials or coursebooks

E-norskskole provides original learning materials. You don’t have to spend money on expensive language textbooks.



At e-norskskole you can adjust the classes to your needs and language level.

Learning basic Norwegian

For those who begin their journey with Norwegian e-norskskole offers an original learning program that includes elements of the direct method and provides the students with loads of input in different Norwegian dialects. The student learns from the very first classes how to respond and communicate in Norwegian. The course is focused mainly on speaking. Check out yourself how easy it is to start talking Norwegian!


You know the basics of the language but you’re afraid to talk? Break the language barrier with the conversation classes. The topics will be adjusted to the interests of the student, the teacher will gladly discuss any topic chosen by the student and prepare related vocabulary. If necessary, the teacher will propose various topics. Learn to speak Norwegian!

  Preparing for an exam

You want to pass Bergenstest or another exam in Norwegian language? E-norskskole will help you with grammar, reading comprehension, listening exercises and oral topics. You can decide for yourself which area you need most training with. The teacher will help you assess your language competences.

  Individual solutions

If you have a problem with any particular language issue, grammar, pronunciation or you need an individual learning program, just let your teacher know what you would like to focus on during the course.

   Language training for companies

E-norskskole offers online Norwegian language trainings for employees. The learning program is specially adapted to the given profession so that the students can cope at work as soon as possible. The groups are maximum 4 people.